False Science: The Comparative Anatomy of Eating by M.D. Milton R. Mills

I am not an expert on the topics “diets”, “anatomy” and “evolution” – but still I know how real science works and hence I can discard false science such as the article “The Comparative Anatomy of Eating” by M.D. Milton R. Mills. Creationists (Intelligent Design) have also created many such articles that claims to be scientific research – but real scientists can easily spot that they are wrong. There is no scientific evidence to support the hypothesis “human are herbivores”, so please stop corrupting the real science by spreading false science such as the article by M.D. Milton R. Mills. That is just vegan propaganda:

  1. No recognised scientific institution has published the article into e.g. a scientific journal – i.e. no significant body of experts believes that it is correct.
  2. As the article is not published in a scientific journal, no one has spent time to do a proper scientific peer review on it. In other words: no group of scientists has thoroughly checked whether it’s claims are justified.
  3. There are no references to existing publications and no are experiments conducted – i.e. it is neither based on existing research nor on creating new research. So there is no evidence to prove its claims.

This alone should be enough to stop believing that the article is science.

However, if we really need more dirty details, then a background check on the author reveals that: 1) he is not an expert on the topic and 2) he is biased by being involved with pro-vegetarian organisations.
1) The author is M.D. (from Stanford University link), but that only makes him a doctor, not an expert on this particular topic. I have tried to look for research conducted by him, but neither Google, Google Scholar nor PubMed yielded any relevant results. (Only pubMed actually had an article from him and that was not relevant: PubMed publication) Without having published any relevant research on the topic, M.D. Milton R. Mills is not an expert on the topic – in fact he just works as an outpatient doctor. He is just as much an expert on this topic as an average physics teacher is an expert on Quantum Physics without having published scientific articles on that topic.
2) He is involved in multiple vegetarian propaganda organisations:
Speaking at NY Vegetarian Expo
Advisor for Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society
Member of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), which has strong connections with PETA: PCRM and PETA
Speaking at Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2007 with many comments about animals even though he is just a doctor which deals with human.

The “background check” section was rewritten to reflect feedback from comments, thank you.