Scanning with HP LaserJet M1132 MFP for Ubuntu 12.04

I also just recently discovered that Ubuntu 12.04 actually supports scanning with the HP LaserJet M1132 MFP and that it is really easy to use – here is what you do:

(if you are looking for a guide on how to actually install the HP LaserJet M1132 MFP device, then I have also made a guide for that here: LINK)

1. Make sure that the HP LaserJet M1132 MFP is connected to the computer and power is turned on!
2. Open a terminal (pro-tip: press CTRL+ALT+T)
3. Run the following command in the terminal (pro-tip: paste the code into the terminal using CTRL+ALT+V, once you have copied the code from this website):
(don’t worry about the following warning: “warning: No destinations specified. Adding ‘file’ destination by default.“, it just means that the resulting scanned JPG file will be saved in your home directory.)
4. Put whatever you want to scan inside the HP LaserJet M1132 MFP scanning area, facing downwards.
5. Then click the physical scan-button on the HP LaserJet M1132 MFP device – you can see the button on the following image:
HP LaserJet M1132 MFP Scan button
6. Now wait while the terminal receives the scanned image – once that is complete then you can find the scan result as an image file (“hpscan001.png”) in your home directory.

Please write a comment if the guide works for you or if something does not work 🙂

Published by Anders Aaberg

IT-development consultant at Nine A/S MSc. Advanced Computer Science @ University of Leeds, UK

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  1. Hi, it worked just like your said

    Isn’t there an option, in ubuntu, to use some kinf of grphic ui for this task, to adjust the definition, the scan area, the directory to place the img, and other stuff?

  2. it doesn’t work, there is nothing happen with my scanner and computer. what should i do
    warning: No destinations specified. Adding ‘file’ destination by default.
    warning: File destination enabled with no output file specified.
    Setting output format to PNG for greyscale mode.
    warning: Defaulting to ‘/home/humas/hpscan001.png’.
    Using device hpaio:/usb/HP_LaserJet_Professional_M1132_MFP?serial=000000000QH321MLPR1a
    Opening connection to device…
    error: SANE: Error during device I/O (code=9)

  3. Use ‘Simple Scan’ for graphical interface – works very quickly (much quicker than above routine) and outputs as .jpg (much smaller than .png above) and also allows cropping of the image.
    Should be installed as standard in 12.04.

    I’m not knocking – I wouldn’t have got this far without your page on how to successfully install the printer/scanner in the first place. I was very close to throwing it out 🙂 – Thanks for the invaluable help.

  4. thanks it works but scan the image in black and white,how can i scan it in its original colors

  5. The “CTRL+ALT+T” command don´t works for me… (im using windows 7 Ultimate) please help

  6. Works on Elementary OS 0.3.2 Freya

    No need of using the physical scan-button on the HP LaserJet. Doesn’t function.

    Just copy/paste in terminal: hp-scan. You have to do this for each scan.

  7. Thanks. It works. I am using Ubuntu 14.04.

    It saves in whichever directory I happen to be when I open the terminal. It also tells me where it is saved.
    “Outputting to destination ‘file’: …”

  8. Hi
    I don’t understand what you mean by Open the terminal. I don’t know the terminal of the Printer

    1. You open the terminal at your computer, not the printer. Ubuntu has a terminal that you can by pressing CTRL+ALT+T on your keyboard. This does not work if you use windows.

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