Ubuntu 11.04 Unity Dash Privacy

UPDATE: For Ubuntu 12.04 it has become much easier to hide a folder and in general keep things private – just go to “System Settings” and find the “Privacy” button at the “Personal” tab. If you have Ubuntu 12.04 or newer, then I will strongly recommend you to use the built-in Privacy system. However, if […]

Best way to rip music from www.youtube.com in Ubuntu

Download videos: Use Video DownloadHelper extention for Firefox to download videos as .flv or .mp4. (however its conversion functionality is buggy) Rip video to mp3: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras sudo apt-get install ffmpeg sudo apt-get install winff Now find winff in Applications -> Sound and Video and use the GUI to rip the videos you […]

install and setup LAMP on Ubuntu for development

First install Apache2, PHP5, Mysql, Phpmyadmin in that order. WEBROOT ######################## Then lets setup ~/public_html as webroot rather than /var/www/ (because it requires root privileges to modify there which is a pain!): 1. Copy the existing website configuration (virtual directory): sudo cp /etc/apache2/sites-available/default /etc/apache2/sites-available/mysite 2. Modify the following of mysite: gksudo gedit /etc/apache2/sites-available/mysite /var/www -> […]

Memory stick duo internal reader @ dell m1330 in Ubuntu 10.10 (Ricoh R5C592)

UPDATE: Ubuntu 12.04 includes the Ricoh internal card reader driver, so I will advice you to upgrade your Ubuntu to minimum 12.04 so you do not have to mess around with installing drivers for the Ricoh internal card reader… However if you are stuck with an old version of Ubuntu less than 12.04, then you […]

Remove old Linux Kernels from Dualboot Grub Startup Menu using Ubuntu

First of all, determine which Linux Kernel version you are running using the command: sudo uname -r Then go to System ->Administration -> “Synaptic Package Manager”. Search for “linux-image-“, arrange by installed packages (click at the column header most to the left) and then completely remove all linux kernels (linux-images) that are older than you […]